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Outline for Export Compliance Management Course

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Introduction to Exporting

Why is it important to understand export laws and regulations?
Examples of Export Violation Cases
Export Reform – From Washington
US Government Players in Export Control
Primary Players:
DDTC – State Department – Directorate of Defense Trade Controls
BIS - Commerce Department – Bureau of Industry and Security
Determination of Commodity Jurisdiction
Definitions toward understanding exporting requirements
US Person Vs Foreign Person
Types of Exports
Methods of Exports
Examples of how an export can occur
Public Domain
End User















Defense Department - DDTC –
Defense Articles, Services and Technology

Registering with DDTC
Appointment of Empowered Official
Introduction to the ITAR
Prohibited Destinations
Defense Service
Defense Article
Technical Data
Deemed Exports
Embargoed countries
Munitions List

Determining if a license or agreement is required

Assessing your needs
Requesting approval to export – The methods
TAA - Technical Assistance Agreement
MLA - Manufacturing Licensing Agreement
WDA - Warehouse and Distribution Agreement
Screening U. S. and Foreign Parties (customers)
Foreign Employees and Dual Nationals
Licensing Application Process
Submitting electronically
Role of DTSA – Defense Technology Security Administration
Provisos and Limitations
Foreign Signatures
Amending an Agreement or License
Sublicensees vs. Subcontractors
License Recordkeeping
Practical exercise (Defense articles, technology and services)

Commerce Department - BIS

BIS Jurisdiction
Important EAR Terms
Deemed export/reexport
Commerce Control List (CCL)
Export Control Classification Number (ECCN)
Country Groups
Lists to Check Prior to Submitting a License Request
Embargoed countries
Classifying your item
Determining if a license is required
CCL (Commerce Control List) number
Ten CCL Categories
Five Product Groups
Commerce Country Chart
Self-Certification Vs. Requesting Assistance through SNAP-R
Three ways to export BIS controlled commodities
License Exception
Submitting a License Application – SNAPR
Track via STELA
Practical exercise (commercial articles)

Building Exporting into Business

Trade Shows
Vendors and suppliers
Use of Export statements on commodities
Preparing an Export Compliance Plan
Management of Your Export Compliance Program
Training and Education
Record Keeping
Common Problems
Buying Problems – Mergers and Acquisitions
Voluntary Self-disclosures, Violations and Penalties
Document, Document, Document
Sources for information and help
Practical exercise (Defense and Commercial articles)

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