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Understanding NISPOM Requirements ("The FSO Course")

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*For Course Schedule see bottom of this page*

The National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM) prescribes the requirements, restrictions, and other safeguards to prevent unauthorized disclosure of classified information released to cleared contractors by U.S. Government Executive Branch Departments and Agencies. Thus, the NISPOM is the guiding security manual for contractor Facility Security Officers (FSO) and their staffs.

This five-day very comprehensive course is intended for the security professional in Industry who needs to better understand the compliance requirements of the NISPOM. However, this course can also be insightful and enlightening (relative to contractor security requirements) to the government security specialist who may be working in an industrial security position.

The main objective of the course is to prepare the student for an inspection from the Cognizant Security Office (the Defense Security Service). Upon completion, the student will be able to accomplish an effective self-inspection feeling comfortable that he/she will be able to identify deficiencies in the security program and implement effective measures to eliminate any non-compliance issues.

This course is beneficial to all security positions to include Facility Security Officers, Personnel Security Specialists, ISSM or ISSOs, Physical Security Specialists, COMSEC Custodians, and security generalists. All security professionals working in industrial security – regardless of their specific current duties – need to understand all requirements of the NISPOM if they plan to make Security a career. This course has something for everyone and is especially beneficial to those who one day desire to be Security Managers and those who are preparing to take the Industrial Security Professional (ISP) exam.

The course is taught by very experienced, nationally-known security experts who have been in the trenches as personnel security specialists, COMSEC Custodians, ISSMs, physical security specialists, FSOs, and Directors of Security.  The instructors, all who have supervised complex award-winning security programs supplement their academic instruction with a myriad of “lessons learned” from their extensive security careers.

Be advised that a large percentage of the content of this course is also addressed in our Security Specialist course. So expect some redundency if you take both courses.

Instructors: John Waller, Paulette Hamblin, Ann Martick

Course Length: 5 days

Tuition: $995 per person

Prerequisites: Each participant must be a U.S. Citizen or Naturalized U.S. Citizen.

"I am not sure if you remember me, but last April I attended your course “Understanding NISPOM Requirements”. I am a Black Hawk helicopter technical specialist by trade, but was informed that I would additionally take on the FSO duties for my company. Even though Hawk Enterprises LLC is a non-possessing facility, this had me concerned, as I had no experience or even knowledge of the required duties of an FSO. After speaking with you a security convention here in Huntsville , AL , my company, Hawk Enterprises LLC decided to have me attend your course here in Huntsville. On August 19, 2009 the Defense Security Service (DSS) conducted their 18 month inspection of our facility with the following result:" 

“Following each industrial security review, the security posture of your facility is rated within one of five available categories: Superior , Commendable, Satisfactory, Marginal or Unsatisfactory. Your facility is in general compliance with the requirements of the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM), and at this time a rating of Commendable has been assigned to your facility security posture.”

“I believe that the success of preparing our company security program prior to this inspection was directly attributable to what was learned in your course. We were able to implement the things learned from you and your course of study, and bring a historically satisfactory program to a commendable level in a relatively short period of time. Your instruction style made the normally dry, difficult to understand, and sometimes generalized NISPOM requirements much easier to understand while maintaining a high degree of interest from the class. I would like to thank you on behalf of Hawk Enterprises LLC, for presenting us with your expertise and the tools we needed to succeed in industrial security.”

-- C. Beal, Hawk Enterprises, LLC

Course Schedule

Understanding NISPOM Requirements

Course ID: (click to register)
SRTY7225D July 23-27, 2012 Washington, DC
SRTY7225D** September 24-28, 2012 Fredericksburg, VA
SRTY7225D November 26-30, 2012 Huntsville, AL

ISP Certification Exam: John Waller, Industrial Security Professional (ISP) will be proctoring the ISP exam for eligible candidates who attend his "Understanding NISPOM Requirements" class.  The two-hour ISP exam will be taken on-line only and will be administered on Friday afternoon immediately following completion of the class.   Get more details here...


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